Our Mission

INNO BIOCEUTICAL offers INNOVATIVE and RESEARCH-BASED solutions in pursuit of healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment

All product formulations developed by INNO BIOCEUTICAL are proprietary and exclusively developed based on the highest standard of product development using clinically-validated references, the highest grade of raw materials that have been scientifically proven effective and safe to use, as well as non-carcinogenic and non-toxicity.

Sharing Our Passion

Tooled with both of Redza and Rozaina's extensive knowledge, diverse global networking and working experiences, Inno Bioceutical is formed as a platform to develop and commercialise nutraceutical products using novel formulations of natural sources.



Email: redza@innobioceutical.com

Redza holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering (Bioprocess) and is affiliated to Institution of Chemical Engineering (IChemE). He also has 2 patents (MY150920A and MY145592) to his name and has won several international awards including Gold Medal awards at the Seoul (2009) and British Invention (2008) Shows.

He comes with an extensive biopharmaceutical fast pace biotechnology and strong research and development credentials. He has in-depth knowledge of Drug discovery, development and commercialisation including Botanical Drug and Nutraceuticals and probably the first Malaysian Scientist, to help uncover MicroRNAs in more than 500 plants, herbs and botanicals with known therapeutics value in the treatment of various human diseases. He has also developed several winning best selling product formulations for local and international markets.

His life took a turn after he was diagnosed with stage 4 of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer and was in the state of coma in 2013 while pursuing his PhD studies that his dreams had to be put on hold. With the second chance given by God, he has committed to support other survivors and share what he's got with many others.



Email: rozaina@innobioceutical.com

With 20 years of branding and marketing experience of more than 30 Beauty, Foods and Media brands for Unilever, Media Prima, SimplySiti and consulting firms, in 2013, Rozaina has decided to pursue her life mission in a different light. After completed her studies with Masters in Guidance and Counseling and became a certified counselor in 2015, she then continued to pursue her current PhD research in human relationship while assisting more local and international companies to achieve their business goals.

Upon her personal discovery in the power of alternative healing through natural and botanical blends, she realised the existence of gap in the areas of validating and communicating the values of wellness products in a professional manner to the masses.

Realising the challenges for busy go-getters to lead an ideal healthy living due to their busy schedules, bad habits and stressful lifestyle, she combines her strength in understanding human insights and managing business growth in fast-moving-consumer goods (FMCG) industries to promote and market more innovative and holistic approach to safe beauty and wellness, to the whole world.